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3-P Consulting



Know what's trending

More than ever, todays customers, stakeholders and investors are paying more attention to social and environmental issues. 3-P will help your identify the 23 areas that your business needs to be paying attention to if you want to take advantage of those opportunities and reduce risk. Those that aren’t paying attention to their social and environmental capital can be one “Tweet” away from going out of business.

Outperform the competition

Studies show that businesses which incorporate sustainability into their core business model are outperforming the competition year after year and investors are paying close attention. Businesses ignoring these trends are falling behind. 3-P will help you get out in front of the competition by laying out a clear road map to take advantage of every opportunity. Position your business to be Future-Fit.

Get in the game

Navigating the complex minefield of emerging social and environmental issues can be overwhelming. 3-P will help you layout a clear vision with a comprehensive plan to meet those ambitious goals. We will track your progress using metrics backed by over 30 years of science. Knowing exactly where you are today and how far you are from being Future-Fit is the ultimate Sustainability Advantage.

  • Regenerative growth

  • Renewable energy

  • Restoring water

  • Local, affordable, healthy food

  • Healthy communities

  • Protecting the next generation

  • Resiliency