be a force for good

3-P Consulting



Start from the end

What does a fully sustainable business look like? 3-P implements a 30-year, scientific, metric-based system to clearly define what a fully sustainable business looks like using 23 measurable criteria. Then through a process of backcasting, we can measure where your business is currently positioned on the path to being a force for good, and develop a comprehensive plan to get you over the finish line.

The sustainability advantage

Contrary to popular belief, making your business more sustainable is not more costly but actually puts your business in a position to outperform your competition. Businesses ignoring sustainability trends are falling behind. With a clear road map adopting sustainable opportunities, 3-P will help you get out in front of the competition. The bigger the gap to the finish line, the greater the opportunity for improving your bottom line.

Don't be left behind

Navigating the complex mind field of emerging social and environmental issues can be overwhelming. 3-P will help you develop a comprehensive plan with cost-effective initiatives to meet those ambitious goals. We will track your progress using metrics backed by over 30 years of science. Knowing exactly where you are today and how far you are from being a force for good is the ultimate Sustainability Advantage.

  • Restore ecosystems

  • Implement renewables

  • Repurpose water

  • Secure local, healthy food

  • Build healthy and equitable communities

  • Prepare a future of abundance

  • Embrace resilience