Q1. What is sustainability?

Sustainability is our ability to meet our needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Q2. Why is sustainability so important?

We are consuming at a faster rate than the planet can sustain life on this planet. The sooner we change our behaviors and begin relasing our pressures on the planet and society, the better our chance of moving towards an equitable world of abundance for everyone.

Q3. What is the Triple Bottom Line (the three pillars in business)?

The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) refers to businesses that take into consideration their impacts on People and Planet in addition to Profits.

Q4. Is incorporating sustainability into my business really profitable?

Implementing sustainability initiatives already being used by existing companies can increase profits by 51% to 81%. The profits are generated through increased revenue, reduced energy and waste costs, reduced materials, an increase in employee productivity and retention and a substantial decrease in risk.

Q5. Can nature provide solutions to our most challenging problems?

Biomimicry (designing with nature in mind) is providing innovative solutions to heat and cool our buildings and improve efficiency in energy use and creation without costing the Earth.

Q6. What alternatives exist for single use plastics?

Many companies now offer customers ways to refil their containers at home, at specific locations nearby, or the business is equipped to reuse the packaging after delivery. Sweden delivers more than 50% of their produce using a reusable crate system.

Q7. What is backcasting?

Backcasting is a way of planning by beginning with the end goal and working backwards to where the company is positioned today. With a clear destination one can better take steps to make progress towards that destination.