Assessing your business

Through a Rapid Assessment, we identify the areas of your business with the greatest potential for improving financial returns while building your social and environmental capital. 3-P will walk you through the 23 goals needed to becoming a net-positive business. Our assessment tools can evaluate where your business is positioned today as you move towards full sustainability.

Building a plan

Based on the best opportunities from the Rapid Assessment and a bold vision of what your business can become, goals and initiatives are developed as part of your sustainability/business plan. Using an enhanced capital expenditure analysis that scores and compares sustainable initiatives so your business can take advantage of those with the greatest return on investment (ROI) and ones that align with your business priorities and values. A solid Business Case is developed for each initiative to leverage opportunities, reduce risk and maximize returns.

Tracking progress

Based on the 23 goals established by the Future Fit Business Benchmark (FFBB), backed by over 30 years of science, we can scientifically measure where your business is positioned today on the road to being a 100% sustainable business. The greater the gap, the greater the opportunities exist within your business to improve efficiencies, reduce expenses, increase employee engagement, reduce attrition, hire and retain top talent, reduce risk exposure and build social licensing. These FFBB goals align with most globally accepted sustainability metrics. Use your Score for internal tracking or to market your sustainability advantage.