Imagine you are paddling your canoe in the open ocean, with no GPS. It feels like you are moving forward but there is no way to tell for sure. 3-P Consulting provides the GPS, a Rapid Assessment and a set of tools to identify your performance in two main categories: 1) impacts on People, and 2) impacts on the Planet. Establishing where you are, your baseline, allows you to move in the proper direction to close the gaps. The bigger the gap, the bigger the opportunity for improving financial capital while enhancing your social and environmental capital.


Imagine you are paddling your canoe in the open ocean with no clear destination. That is what it can feel like for most businesses trying to navigate the complex path towards sustainability. What does being a Force for Good even look like? 3-P Consulting will provide you with the roadmap to get you to a clear destination. Taking advantage of opportunities identified in the Rapid Assessment, a series of priority goals and actions are outlined in your new Sustainability Business Plan. An enhanced Cost-Benefit Analysis is examined for each initiative and ranked based on the best return on investment (ROI) and those that best align with your business priorities and values. A solid Business Case is developed for each initiative to leverage opportunities, reduce risk and maximize returns.


Imagine you are paddling your canoe in the open ocean towards your destination but you have no way to tell if you are moving faster than the current pushing you in the opposite direction. This is what most businesses feel like when trying to measure their progress towards sustainability. 3-P Consulting applies Key Principle Indicators (KPIs) from the Future Fit Business Benchmark (FFBB), KPIs backed by over 30 years of science, to track progress internally or against competitors. Once again, the greater the gap, the greater the opportunities to reduce inefficiencies, waste, attrition, risk, and unnecessary expenses, and opportunities to improve employee health and performance, social licensing, brand reputation, and hiring and retaining the industries top top talent. These FFBB performance metrics align with most globally accepted sustainability metrics.